3.0Ah 24V Makita 24V BH2433 BH2430 BHP460 BHR200 BDF460 B2417 remplacement Battery

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3.0Ah 24V Makita 24V BH2433 BH2430 BHP460 BHR200 BDF460 B2417 remplacement Battery


  • SKU: BH2430
  • Availability: in stock
  • Condition: New
  • Warranty: 1 years warranty ,60 days money back

  • Battery Type: Ni-MH
    Voltage: 24V
    Capacity: 3000mAh
    Color: Gray-Blue
    Dimension: 120.48 x 86.82 x 96.72 mm
    Weight: 1320g

    Replace Original MAKITA Battery Code:

    193127-4, 193128-2,? 193130-5, 193131-3,? 193736-9, 193737-7,? 193739-3
    2417,? 2420,? 2430,
    B2417,? B2420,? B2430
    BH2420,? BH2430,? BH2433

    Fit Original MAKITA Model:

    Makita BM Series:
    Makita BML240,? Makita BMR100

    Makita SS710D

    Makita BSS730 Series:
    Makita BSS730,? Makita BSS730SHK

    Makita TW200 Series:
    Makita TW200D,? Makita TW200DRA

    Makita BDF Series:
    Makita BDF460,? Makita BDF460SF,? Makita BDF460SH,? Makita BDF460SHE,? Makita BDF460SJE,? Makita BDF460WA,? Makita BDF460WAE,? Makita BHP460SH

    Makita BHP Series:
    Makita BHP460,? Makita BHP460SF,? Makita BHP460SHE,? Makita BHP460SJE,? Makita BHP460WA,? Makita BHP460WAE

    Makita BHR Series:
    Makita BHR200,? Makita BHR200SAE,? Makita BHR200SFE,? Makita BHR200SH,? Makita BHR200SHE,? Makita BHR200SJE,? Makita BHR200WAE

    Makita BJR Series:
    Makita BJR240,? Makita BJR240SF,? Makita BJR240SFE,? Makita BJR240SH,? Makita BJR240SHE,? Makita BJR240SJE,? Makita BJR240WA,? Makita BJR240WAE,

    Makita BLS Series:
    Makita BLS712,? Makita BLS712SFK,? Makita BLS820,? Makita BLS820SF,? Makita BLS820SFK

    Makita BSR Series:
    Makita BSR730SH,? Makita BSR730SJE,? Makita BSR730WA,? Makita BSR730WAE

    Makita BTD Series:
    Makita BTD200,? Makita BTD200SH,? Makita BTD200SJE,? Makita BTD200WA,? Makita BTD200WAE

    Makita BTW Series:
    Makita BTW200,? Makita BTW200SAE,? Makita BTW200SF,? Makita BTW200SH,? Makita BTW200SJE,? Makita BTW200WA,? Makita BTW200WAE

    Makita DK Series:
    Makita DK2401HF,? Makita DK2402HF,? Makita DK2403HF,? Makita DK2404HF,? Makita DK2405HF

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